Matrix Keep Me Vivid Gift Set


Matrix Keep Me Vivid Set is perfect for maintaining your coloured hair for even longer.  Contains full size shampoo, conditioner and Miracle Creator 20.

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Keep Me Vivid “Vibe On Vivid” Gift-set.  This professional hair-care set from Matrix features Step 1; Keep Me Vivid Shampoo, Step 2; Keep Me Vivid Conditioner to keep high maintenance colours vibrant and Step 3; Miracle Creator 20, a multi-tasking treatment spray.

Step 1: Keep Me Vivid Shampoo 300ml – Gently cleanses to maintain colour vibrancy and helps to protect fast-fading colour.

Step 2: Keep Me Vivid Conditioner 300ml – Conditioner that works to rebalance the natural pH of the hair to help lock-in colour.

Step 3: Miracle Creator 20 190ml– Multi-tasking treatment spray that smooths, adds shine and leaves hair primed for styling, suitable for all hair types.

How To:

Apply the Keep Me Vivid Shampoo to wet hair, lather and rinse well. Follow with Keep Me Vivid Conditioner. Massage. Rinse. Spray Miracle Creator 20 onto clean, towel-dried hair, combing through and then styling as desired.

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